Dolcetto in a Barrel ?

Yes it’s true the farther you get from Barbaresco and the closer one gets to Dolcetto di Dogliani
( the home of great Dolcetto) the more often you run in to a producer doing interesting things
with dolcetto such as the above photo of Dolcetto going through it’s Malolactic fermentation in an
french oak barrel (BARRIQUE) We’ve often felt most Dolcettos could use a little oak even though
we could get shot for thinking such lunecy here in Barbaresco

Last of the fall color on a rare clear day the whearher this fall has been very cloudy/rainy/drizly

So what better thing to do but go to a pary for a newly remodled and enlarged winery at Adriano

when your perents own a winery, one learns to pour wine like a pro before you finish grade school