2011 Travel Season Begins

The 2011 travel season has begun, our first group arrived on the 11th of March and we were very worried.
Just a few days earlier it had snowed, but we lucked out as the weather cleared up just in time.
Leslie is explaining vineyard management to a few folks from the group.

After a few days in Barbaresco and Barolo we headed up to Lake Como and stayed in Bellagio, which was just
opening up for the season. Hard to believe these quiet streets will be jam-packed in a few weeks, by mid April
this photo will be impossible.

While Leslie and the group took the ferry to Varenna for lunch, I stayed back to gas up the van and check-
out a pizzeria we have yet to try, verdict: pizza was good, wine list not good, wine service cute/good, the
vino popolare (house wine) was served old-style in a Brocca.

I grabbed a cappuccino at the gas station and once again was reminded how serious Italy takes its coffee.

After dropping folks off at Malpensa airport, we stopped by the wine region Franciacorta to scope out some wineries
and restaurants for future trips when we stumbled on a cool wine shop specializing in bubbles! the sub zones
with-in the region were nicely displayed along with the producers. Sipping bubbles while shopping is mandatory,
wiener dog optional.