Touring new wine region

On tuesday we travelled to CALUSO a small town north/west of torino to
visit a wine region called ERBAUCE DI CALUSO well known for producing
crisp,acidic,dry whites and fantastic sparklers all made from the local
varietal ERBALUCE also a few reds from nebbiolo,barbara and local varietal
NERRETTO. The passito sweet wines are a must try !! Above is the barrel
ROOM of the CIECK winery where they age there passito for 3 years.

Robert learning how to "Riddle" what fun!

Inspecting dead yeast cells in a bottle of aging sparkling rose yum!!

The full line of CIECK wines

Back home for a BBQ with the langa style boys and a few local
restauranteurs a fun way to sell wine.

Chiaro with her bubble friend milena the other half of LA GANGHIJA