JAZZ & La Morra Barolo

Jazz is very popular here in Alba it's as if we've moved to Chicago except the
shows here are usually free, always outdoors and wine is everywhere.

If we don't show up at a tasting with puppy cotta we are not let in.

Cotta greeting her friend Nicola who organized today's tasting of barolo's
(2005) from the sub region La Morra. Below are a few standouts from todays
tasting (no special order)




There was only 720 bottles of IL LAURO made. Very strong
eucalyptus in the nose was catnip for Robert.

SAN BIAGIO also makes a Cru Barbaresco from Montersino
the vineyard our home is in, we're exited to try this wine soon.

Sign's of the times ?

On via Maestra, the main shopping street in Alba, a new wine bar opened last
week called GOLD, very upscale and flashy. (look for a full review in the future at
our Alba Wine Bar page)
Times must be good ?

Wow the first P.O.S. system we've seen in a bar in the area, the next thing you
know they'll be getting that internet thing.

Ever thing you need to know about gold is on the back wall

However on the other side of Alba we saw this sign

Times must be bad ?

More Wine !

we went to a Barbaresco tasting this past monday comparing
the 2005 and the 1999 vintage's of 20 or so different producers
all showed well but as to be expected the 99's were very charming.
some of our favorites below (no special order)

Word of the week

Our vocabulary is one word stronger. After a snowy winter and spring
rains there has been many FRANA (land slide) this spring.

Some are small

Others are not so small


Summer is here so is the start of endless wine festivals.
Our first one this season was great, 3 euros gets you a glass and
there was lots of Barbera to try.

Taking a break from tasting Chiaro shows a producer her art work.
He invited us to tour his cantina later in the week.

The side streets are filled with venders selling cheese, art and even tractors.

10:00 in the morning and Chiaro has to wait in line for a taste of Barbera.