2018 Wrap up

2018 seemed to zip by even faster than 2017. 2018 was off to a rough start with a lot of hail in the spring but the weather turned around so the 2018 vintage not only ended up being very good in quality but in a rare instance quantity is also up. Some producers were saying last fall that their tanks were bursting with wine 🍷. We started 2019 with our first tour on Jan 4, thankfully they were from Kiev so the chilly 🥶 weather was no problem for them. We are currently knee deep with the flood of emails we receive every year for the new season. Below are a few photos of our travels this past year as you can see we spent a lot of time in the mountains to cool off in July and August and do some hiking and photography.

Aperitivo in the Stura valley

We finally got to sleep in a Botte (cask)

Hiking near Pontechianale

Hiking and aperitivo in the Dolomiti Alps in August

Cooling down our Bubbles (Billecart-Salmon) in a glacier stream