Happy New year! Auguri!

winter-neive 2012 (2)
Without snow, which is not guaranteed every year, our landscape here in the Langhe never goes completely gray. This cover crop in vineyard Gallina is trying hard to stay green.
winter truffle 2012
A HUGE bonus of the lack of snow is the extra long truffle season which lasts until the first hard snow. This truffle was found by our friend Lorenzino on Christmas morning. A lot more truffles are being found lately, the price has dropped a lot. This truffle is currently worth about 300€, a month or two ago this would have cost two to three times more.
tombola 2012
The Christmas season would not be complete without playing Tombola (bingo). Leslie won twice so two bags of raw sausage for us. This is the tradition in Treiso every Christmas Eve before midnight mass. Lots of Dolcetto, peanuts and clementines to keep us going.
winter-neive 2012 (1)
With the holiday almost over we can start to catch up on web site work, here Robert in his studio is taking photos of bottles for a client's web site.
winter-neive 2012
With Neive in the background, vineyard bricco San Giuliano is waiting for snow. Many producers are taking advantage of the lack of snow and getting an early start on the winter pruning "potatura", see photo below.
winter pruning 2012

Christmas in Torino

concert 2012
Setting up for outdoor concerts in the very big Piazza San Carlo.
Torino ice rink 2012
Setting up the ice rink in Piazza Carlo Alberto.
Torino xmas lights 2012
We think these lights are a nod to the olympic runners. Every street has a different theme for lights, below is christmas trees.
Torino xmas lights 2012 (1)
Shoppers on Via Lagrange, Torino has been packed with shoppers and very festive.
Torino 2012 (3)
Lots of street entertainers in Piazza Castello and a big advent calendar.
enertainment 2012
What a cute couple.
mtn are out 2012
As the temp drops, the mountains are out most of the time during the winter. This was taken from the top of the Mole Antinella.

Winter in Langhe

stufa wwod 2012 (1)
As the last of the fall colors fade away, we are getting ready for winter.stufa wwod 2012
Step one, fill up the garage with wood for the our wood stove "stuffa".
Stuffa 2012
Step two, install new stuffa that we can also cook on. Great for braising, soups and stocks.
Stuffa 2012 (2)
Step three, show off new stuffa.
Stuffa 2012 (3)
Puppy Cotta' is very happy with the new stuffa. She spends most of the winter in front of it.