Truffle Hunting in First Snow 2013!

Truffle hunt1
Our first truffle hunt in the snow, yesterday. A little snow is ok but if it gets too deep the dogs can't smell the truffles and truffle season is over for the year.
Truffle hunt2
Leslie with Marco, our truffle hunter, being from Minnesota this was more like a dusting and not very cold for us.
Truffle hunt3
Marco and Rocky his 3 year old truffle dog. Rocky was successful today and found us 5 nice white truffles!
Truffle hunt4
Truffle hunt5
Cotta, our mascot, loves to be in charge and thinks she found all the truffles and wants to be paid with treats too!
Truffle hunt6
Rocky finding a truffle under the snow.
Truffle hunt7Truffle hunt8
Our biggest find of the day!
Truffle hunt9
Group photo
Truffle hunt
Where all the best truffles end up, at one of the best restaurants under glass, waiting to be shaved over your dish of choice! Tajarin, carne cruda, fonduta, uova etc...........