Feragosto 2012 (1)
Even though there are many shops and restaurants that are closed one can find plenty to do on italy's BIGGEST holiday Ferragosto
Feragosto 2012
This is what most Italian families do find the one restaurant that is open and make reservations for 10, 20 or more then spend the day with family and friends over a very long lunch 3 to 4 hours or head south to the sea.
real food? 2012
Last week Leslie was in Minnesota this was the first foodie sign she came across on her lay over in Reykjavik Iceland Hmmmmmm….
Lago Maggiori 2012
While Leslie was away Robert was very busy relaxing on the water front just beyond the village of Baveno on Lago Maggiore on his way to pick up customers in Verbania.
Nebbiolo 2012
Alway last but not least Nebbiolo the flag ship grape varietal of Langhe is a little bit ahead of schedule this year. This bunch is almost done with its verasion as of Aug 15th.